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Services from CADPRINT:

You dont like to learn CAD. We gladly help you in design new components with CAD for a price of 25.00CHF/h

You like to have a Printout of your own designed CAD or 3D Model. We are pleased to make you a offer. Please ask for it over our Contactform.


Example to create a 3D CAD Construction for you and make a direct Printout:

Position Description Piece Unity Cost Total
1 Create a CAD Construction 8 h 20.00 160.00
2 Create the Printfile 0.5 h 20.00 10.00
3 Printapproval 1 Piece 50.00 50.00
4 Printtime 6 h 5.00 30.00
5 Material 500 g 0.10 50.00
  Total       300.00