Services from CADPRINT:

You dont like to learn CAD. We gladly help you in design new components with CAD for a price of 25.00CHF/h

You like to have a Printout of your own designed CAD or 3D Model. We are pleased to make you a offer. Please ask for it over our Contactform.


Example to create a 3D CAD Construction for you and make a direct Printout:

Position Description Piece Unity Cost Total
1 Create a CAD Construction 8 h 20.00 160.00
2 Create the Printfile 0.5 h 20.00 10.00
3 Printapproval 1 Piece 50.00 50.00
4 Printtime 6 h 5.00 30.00
5 Material 500 g 0.10 50.00
  Total       300.00




Wanhao 3D Printer

New in our Webshop 3D Printer from Wanhao

FunToDo Form1+ avilable

Now we have the new FunToDo resin for the Formlabs Form1 and Form1+ 3D Printer in Stock. The resin is avilable in 4 difrent colors (clear, gray, white and black) and you can colorize it with the FunToDo Pigments.

FunToDo SnowWhite in stock again

SnowWhite is back in stock and aviable for ordering

FunToDo Resin Snow White and Deep Black

The FunToDo Resin Snow White and Deep Black are now in our Webshop avilable.

New! mUVe 1.5 Instruction

Buildinstruction for the mUVe 1.5 3D Printer including the new reservoir now in the Downloads sector avilalbe.