SubG+ no Pigments

UV Resin SubG+ from MakerJuice
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SubG+ is the newest resin the MakerJuice Productline.

The Designtargets for SubG+ was: PDMS friendly / fast curing / low shrink

Technical Data:

  • shrink lower than 3.5%
  • Viscosity 90cP (mPs s) at 25°C
  • Curing with UV A, UV B und UV C arround 420nm
  • The Resin is low odor
  • near zero VOC
  • only mildly irritant
  • After curing the properties are like ABS

For curing the Resin you can use a DLP Beamer, UV Laser or a UV LED. With Laser and LED technics the curing will be very fast and consumes not a lot of energy.



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FunToDo Form1+ avilable

Now we have the new FunToDo resin for the Formlabs Form1 and Form1+ 3D Printer in Stock. The resin is avilable in 4 difrent colors (clear, gray, white and black) and you can colorize it with the FunToDo Pigments.

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